Monday, 3 June 2013

Sex and Violence in SF Fandom

I was going to post my inane ramblings about Patrick Troughton today, but I just read this post by a sf author called Ann Aguirre, and it's left me actually gobsmacked and - in my autistic way - spitting feathers of rage on her behalf.

I don't know the writer or her work, but I don't need to; both the post itself and the emails she quotes from - let's not beat about the bush here - absolute fucking scumbags are enough to make me want to vomit.

Combine that with a conversation I had with a very talented writer (who will remain nameless) the other day about a certain well-known author of Dr Who books who threatened to punch her for daring to criticise his nasty, misogynstic pile of shit tie-in novel (and whose fans sent her death threats), and I'm left feeling more than a little sick to the back teeth of the plethora of wankers who infest science fiction.

Makes me even more glad that Kate's doing an all female sf book for Obverse.

Quick Update - I should have mentioned that many people other than Ms Aguirre reacted negatively to the initial SFWA Bulletin piece by messrs Malzberg and Resnick.  There's a decent round-up of just a smattering here:

And you can view the initial articles which led to Malzberg and Resnick complaining, like foolish old men, about 'lberal fscists' here:

Quick Question - How does Ms Aguirre's experience compare to that in sf in other countries?  In the UK, say, or Australia?  Anyone?


  1. I'm glad you're bringing more attention to this. I read Ms Aguirre's posts and am absolutely appalled by the attitudes and actions of these men.

  2. People are no good. I can't say I'm surprised one subset is no different