Friday, 4 January 2013

Vince Cosmos, Glam Rock Detective (Bafflegab, February 2013)

I really glam rock, I really like the seventies, I really like Paul Magrs' writing, and I really like The Scarifyers, the audio series from Bafflegab (previously Comsic Hobo) - so it was a fairly safe bet that I was going to really like the new Paul Magrs' audio from Bafflegab, set in the seventies, and starring a glam rock detective (actually I also really liked Hippies starring Vince Cosmos himself, Julian Rhind-Tuitt so, y'know - further reasons to really like this).

Poppy Munday, Geordie lass relocated to London and one time co-ordinator of her local Vince Cosmos fanclub, gets involved with her idol and his cohort of friends, hangers-on and business acquaintances as they battle a possible alien invasion.  It's as though someone took Man About the House and dropped Ziggy-era David Bowie into it.  Which in most hands would be, at best, odd, but Magrs is the one author who can really pull off this sort of mash-up (as his Doctor Who audio, Phantom of Glam Rock, had already demonstrated), and this is an absolute triumph from beginning to end.

With the familiar voices of Katy Manning and David Benson being joined by Rhind-Tuitt as Vince and Lauren Kellegher (who is excellent throughout) as Poppy, the script sparkles and the production values are pretty bloody impressive.  The songs Cosmos sings are suitably Ziggy, the in-jokes come thick and fast, and everyone involved is obviously having a blast.  Little touches, like the cover which mirrors a seventies album, are the icing on the cake - but the cherry on the icing on the cake is the 'Special Price' sticker which, for those of us of a certain age, brings a built-in shiver to the spine.

On every level this is a wonderful thing - pre-order it now and make sure this turns into an ongoing series...

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