Friday, 1 June 2012

Work Catch Up

Lots of Obverse Books coming out soon, so most of my reading has been on a Kindle with a pencil and paper to hand, the better to write down things like 'Surely the hero is a Count - you've missed a letter out there!' 

In the past few weeks, therefore, I've proof-read Philip Puser-Hallard and friends excellent 'Tales of the City' (which set a new record for fewest typoes), fiddled with gorgeous images by Bret Herholz in Paul Magrs' The Ninnies (which set a record for best review comparison- reminiscent of Roald Dahl and Stephen King!) and created ebooks of various things.  I've also been writing a story for a collection not by Obverse (shock!) which involves me finding out about train timetables in days of yore and completed another article for an online friend's new imprint (with a flowchart and everything!).

After I finish the secret short story, it's onto the equally secret novella for a new series of linked e-novellas (my effort is due oout at Christmas and is currently called 'The Secret Santa') and reading and editing the next book in the second year of the Obverse Quarterly, the Iris Wildthyme collection, 'Lady Stardust'.  Oh, and I said I'd typeset a book of Mary Danby's short stories for Noose and Gibbet supremo, Johnny Mains - plus I have hopes of submitting a novel to someone or other at some point this year.

All go, situation normal, then...

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