Friday, 6 April 2012

Some random thoughts regarding telly viewed from a sick bed

Siege of Golden Hill  feels almost like it goes meta-fictional at one point, as a scene where the teenagers are acting poorly in a rehearsal of a play moves into one where teenagers who can't really act pretend to be scary gang members.

My Old Man - only point in history when high rise flats were viewed as a wonderful thing.  But funny, as you'd expect from something in which Ian Le Frenais had a hand.

Game of Thrones - didn't watch it because I suspected it of having elves in it, but Sharon convinced me too (clever girl!) and it was great, and not afraid to kill off people just like real life - i.e for no reason other than that's what happens.

Not With a Bang - only lasted seven episodes, of which I think only three were shown up here, but I've wanted to see this again since the 80s, and it didn't disappoint.  With a post-apocalypse setting and a cast including Steven Rea and Ronald Pickup, that's highly surprising, though. Network replied to my emailk to say they wouldn't be doing a DVD however.  Boo!

Mrs Brown's Boys - The episodes where Mrs Brown gave herself a bikini wax, took LSD and thought she was being put in a home are, quite geneuinely, the funniest things I've seen for years.  To the extent that the latter two were effectively turned into audios due to the tears in my eyes.

Then my back got better and I went back to work, but not before I read a pile of books too, of which more later...

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