Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Current Reading, dispersed round the house

We've been decorating like mad round ours for the past week or two. People have been flooding the house at all hours, building walls and putting up kitchens and moving radiators and every other peace and quiet ruining thing you can do in a house.

As a result, my 'study' (for which read sort of corridor space with a cupboard on one side and bookcases on the other) has been used as a dumping ground for anything which needs taken out of the way of various tradesmen. Which means also that my usual pile of books I'm reading has been disturbed and the various individual titles scattered round the house like a papery Key to Time.

All of which really brought home to me what a lot of books I have going at the same time. Just from last week I'm part way through (in one case just finished, tbh):
  • Bowie, Bolan and the Brooklyn Boy (Tony Visconti's autobiography - fascinating and full of great anecdotes but also full of real dribbling nonsense about ghost and auras and the like).
  • Memories, Grave and Gay (a memoir published in 1904 by a former Scottish Schools Inspector -odd thought that this book, which I think of as being 'modern' since it was published in the 20th century, is about a period closer to the Jacobite Rebellion than today)
  • The Fires of Fu Manchu (continuation of Sax Rohmer's series by his friend Cay Van Ash - there is another in the series which also features Sherlock Holmes, which Paul reckons is even better)
  • Connections (chick lit short story collection by Sheila O'Flanagan which is more amusing than most even for a neanderthal like myself)
  • Kobayashi Maru (pretty standard Star Trek fayre, though since it's about the awesome first ENTERPRISE crew, it's better than most)
  • WG Grace's Last Case (Willie Rushton penned pre-cursor to Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - just started this and it's brilliant)
  • Mystery Mile (one of the several Campion's I haven't read - good as ever)
  • From Hell (a re-read of the graphic novel, after recommending it the other day)
plus sundry other things - Faction Paradox short stories, sitcom script books, Senor 105 proof collections and so on - either on the ebook reader or for occasional dipping into beside my bed.

Is this a normal style of reading, I wonder? I bet it is for anyone who really likes to read, after all you need to have something to read close to hand at all times...


  1. Have you read Julia Ecklar's *The* Kobayashi Maru with the original crew? That's very good too and must have been one of the primary sources for the new film, though its version of Kirk's attempt at the test is rather more noble. The audiobook version has Jimmy Doohan reading the Scotty section in character I think.

  2. Ooh, that's tempting (as an actual book not an audiobook - I'm not wild on having someone read to me, as though I'd had a nasty fall down the stairs and was now in a full body cast).

    And I constantly see that book in secon dhand bookshops too...